iDeals vs Caplinked Data Room

iDeals and Caplinked data rooms contain information collected from a set of operational databases, which characterizes the entire corporation and is necessary to perform a consolidated analysis of activities as a whole.

Accelerated Download Process with Caplinked

Although most social networks protect the personal data of their users, there is also information that, thanks to universal access, can be a good source of money for cybercrime. Therefore, the protection of personal data in today’s information life is perhaps the most important aspect in meeting the safe use of all the possibilities of current technologies. Attackers can retrieve your personal information, medical history, private instant messaging, hack into your child’s smartphone and communicate with them, access your accounts and online banking, or your cryptocurrency wallets.

Virtual data repositories of Caplinked are metadata that describe the sources of information, the structure of repository data, methods of aggregating and loading data, information about the structure of business concepts, and other data about data stored in the repository. Such repositories cover all the many areas of the corporation and are used to make both tactical and strategic decisions. Developing an enterprise data warehouse is a very time-consuming process, which can take from one to several years, and storage volumes can range from 50 GB to several terabytes.

There can be many reasons to place data in the Caplinked, and they may have different priorities for different users. For example, it will be more important for individuals to be able to access data from different parts of the Internet and from different devices, and for corporate users, reliability and cost of storage may be more important. This is not an exhaustive list of reasons for using Caplinked storage. For example, the transformation of capital costs into operating costs may also be important for corporate users. Simply put, use a taxi instead of buying a company car.

The Common Things About iDeals and Caplinked

Progress in the field of information technology, in particular in the field of software development and implementation, activity in the formation of personal databases has exacerbated the problem of security protection that can be fixed with the iDeals.

iDeals factors and violations include:

  • insufficient knowledge of users of the basics of information protection and lack of understanding of the need for their strict observance;
  • the use of untested or uncertified technical means of processing gripped information, because this equipment, at best, may simply be unfinished, and at worst – it may contain bookmarks at the physical or software levels;
  • weak control over the observance of information protection rules by full-time or part-time information protection and cyber security services and engineering units that do not properly monitor the serviceability of equipment or lines;
  • staff turnover, because they have information with limited access or official data.

iDeals and Caplinked are built on similar principles and use almost the same technology. Recently, the concept of a global data warehouse has emerged, in which the data warehouse is considered as the only source of integrated data for all data storefronts. Repositories should be able to parameterize data on various grounds, for example, banking transactions during their analysis should be grouped by time of execution, by customers, by their volume in value terms, by counterparties, currencies, and other characteristics. The data should be presented in the repository in such a way as to allow their multidimensional analysis.